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2022 Club Awards

Ellie Stanley:
Club Player of the Year

The Club Player of the Year Award is for a player who has demonstrated excellent commitment to the Club values and purpose.  

Ellie has stepped up in responsibility this season and always maintains Waratah commitments as a priority in her life. Ellie has planned and executed a support network for our junior umpires to ensure they are not alone when umpiring, both Friday nights and Saturdays. Ellie is a player in the Club who also supports other teams, including junior teams, and is often seen on the sideline of our teams throughout a Saturday. Ellie has also been a part of the NNA Umpires committee and promotes Waratahs umpiring support as a standard all Clubs/teams should be aiming for.

Ellie is often also early to training to practice more and supports and encourages her team at both training and on game day. Ellie has also been involved with our extra activities to support Waratah Netball Club outside of the game. Ellie models the Club values and is a very deserving recipient of Waratah’s player of the Year

Rebecca Farquharson
Club Commitment.  

The Club Commitment Award is presented to a member of the Club who demonstrates commitment to the Club values and purpose that is beyond the norm. 

Bec is an outstanding ambassador for Waratah Netball Club. She has not only coached her own junior team, but has also taken on helping other junior coaches when they have needed assistance. Bec has assisted in helping our junior umpires by being a support walker on Friday nights and Saturdays, and has also umpired for others when required. Bec plays for a senior Waratah team and is always supportive and helpful with that team. Bec is often seen wandering from one Waratah game to another and will help with anything on the day if it’s needed. Bec is always willing to learn and commits herself 100% to the Club, including attending extra activities outside of the game. Bec is always authentic, honest and fair. She always is respectful to parents, umpires and the opposition team and coaches, and epitomises all that is good about Waratah Netball.

Junior Player of the Year:
Lianna Jenkinson

The Junior Player of the Year Award is presented to a junior player who has demonstrated excellent commitment to training and games; exceptional teamwork and support of teammates in all situations; and modelled the Club values of community, integrity and sportsmanship to the highest standard.

Liana welcomes new players into the team like they had known them for years. Liana displays wonderful commitment - she has never missed a game or a training session and always shows up with a smile on her face and a hug for her teammates. 
Liana often shows up early to training sessions and willingly assists where she can.  Often on the court if the ball goes astray and Liana is nearby she always makes sure to check the other player is alright and not hurt, no matter what team they play for. You can see she has genuine concern and empathy for the other player in those situations and this support of other players is also what makes her a wonderful role model for the younger players and for the girls in her age-group. 
Liana has a natural talent for netball, particularly as a goal shooter, and accepts missed goals as easily as ones that are scored. She does not complain or get angry, she instead asks our coach for advice on what she needs to improve on (for any position) and she takes this on board and puts it into play.


Club Spirit Award
Establised in 2019 by Currawong Aviation Training Services, the Club Spirit Award recognises that a Club is more than just individual players but is the coming together of players to create a community.  Currawaong Services wanted to acknowledge the Senior or Under 22 team whose efforts throughout the season most reflected the Club values of Community, Sportsmanship, and Integrity.
This year’s award winners have been a cohesive team with a positive attitude.  Consistent attendance at training and games led to strong results on court.  Several members of the team took on roles within the Club including managers of junior teams, committee positions, and joining the Strategic Planning Committee. The team was supportive of U22 players being exposed to Senior competition and exhibited sportsmanship in welcoming a player into their team late in the season.  The team supported the Club’s social and fundraising events with aplomb. By their actions and attitude, this team embodies the Club’s Spirit.
This year’s Club Spirit Award Winners are the Division 8 Titans.

Thank you to our sponsor, Currawong Aviation Training Services for supporting this award.

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